lunes, 22 de octubre de 2012

Undocumented Student Advocates for Immigrants' Rights

UNM student Juan Gonzalez, 20, is an undocumented immigrant who advocates for human rights and for a comprehensive immigration reform in the U.S., the country where he grew up.

Gonzalez, who is pursuing a psychology major with a minor in Chicano studies, said he was born in Mexico; however, his parents  brought him to the U.S. when he was 8 years old. Since then, he has struggled with his legal status.

Gonzalez said that more than granting legal status, an immigration reform would represent social equality in the country.

"We definitively need an immigration reform for everybody 
because, as I said before, we need a chance to keep 
 moving forward as a community that doesn't leave 
anyone behind," Gonzalez said.